6 Times To Keep Your Mouth Shut When Talking To Women

pertanyaan May 7, 2019 oleh cglop

With women, it’s always better to listen than to blab about aimless nonsense. Running your mouth at 100 miles an hour and talking about who knows what just makes you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Yes, it’s quite better to be a good listener than an accomplished talker. It will add a bit of mystery to you, and people love not being able to figure someone out right away. Also, certain information is best kept to yourself. You can find yourself talking your way out of a premiere hook up, just because you thought it was cool to give the woman your autobiography. So here are six times to keep your mouth shut when talking to women.

Bagging on an ex. Don’t spend your time talking about your ex. And especially don’t spend that time painting a negative picture about your ex. First of all, excessive talking about an ex conveys the message that you’re not over that ex. Secondly, when you talk ugly about someone else, all you’re doing is revealing your ugly to the world. The last thing you want to do is look ugly to a woman you’re trying to hook up with. Leave your ex out of it.

Woe is me. Don’t spend time talking about your problems at length. It makes you look weak. Everyone has problems. She knows this. If negative issues arise, the best bet is to play the positive role. Be confident that you can handle the obstacles. But acting like your life is one big insurmountable obstacle is not attractive. If you’re doing so badly, why would she want to be a part of your world. She can do bad all by herself, right?

Family problems. Shut your mouth on family issues in front of her. Coming from a dysfunctional family is not uncommon. But, once again, the way you handle that scenario says a lot about who you are. Don’t tell a woman how much you hate your parents, or your life growing up. It sends a red flag. If you can’t at least talk about your parents with respect, she’s going to believe you wont respect her parents either. No one wants a dark cloud following them. Don’t be that dark cloud.

Criticism or dislike of her friends. Here’s another huge no-no. Constantly tearing down her friends in front of her is one of the quickest ways to end a relationship with a woman. Chances are, the people she calls friends have been around for a while. You, on the other hand, may be relatively new in her life. Who do you think she’s going to pick? If there is something truly wrong with a friend or a group of her friends, point it out, but don’t be overly critical and negative. Give her the chance to see things clearly then make a decision from there. If, after everything is said and done, your lady friend still doesn’t understand where you’re coming from, consider removing yourself from the equation.

Her life choices. No one is perfect. Not even you. Don’t break her down over choices she has made that you don’t agree with, especially if they have nothing to do with you. You have to remain objective and be supportive. She’s not supposed to do what you want her to do. She runs her life, for good or bad.

Mean things about her family. Shut your mouth about her family. Seriously. Nobody’s family is perfect, but you’re an outsider. Don’t poke your nose and interject your comments in places where they don’t belong. If she asks you what you think, be very diplomatic in how you phrase your words. Especially when she asks you what you think about her jerk, alcoholic uncle.