6 Ways To Compliment A Woman’s Body And Not Sound Like A Creep

pertanyaan May 7, 2019 oleh cglop

To avoid getting cut out of the conversation before it even starts, try one of these  ways to compliment a woman‘s body without sounding like a creep. Just because you could get straight to the point when you were complimenting a girlfriend you’d had for a while, that doesn’t mean that you can transition those compliments back into the dating game. Remember that while men can sometimes feel starved for compliments, attractive women hear them all the time, and have learned to sprint away from the compliments that creep them out.

Hold back on complimenting a woman’s body until that compliment is most useful. If you start the conversation about her body, she can view that as your priority. Instead, ask her questions about herself and use the answers to build up to a more useful compliment of her body.

Read the signs she’s giving out. Women will often make it clear about which body parts they are confident about. For example, a woman won’t wear a short skirt if she’s disgusted with her legs.

Sprint away from cliches as fast as you can. She’s heard them all before and she’s laughed with her friends at the guys who used them. It doesn’t matter if her butt is shaped like a heart of no

Compliment her body like a man. Just because one of her friends can compliment her nails, that doesn’t mean that you should. Unless you really mean the compliment, she’s going to see through you and possibly look down on you.

Word you compliments in a way that is specialized for a woman. She might be fit, but she probably doesn’t want complimented for her muscular arms or ripped calves. Be very award of using delicate language.

Don’t push your luck. When a compliment goes over better than expect, hold back and keep her wanting me. Bask in your success and don’t swing for the fences twice.